Located on the south side of Plains Road in Burlington, St. Matthew on-the-Plains Cemetery sits on land donated by the Applegarth family from an original Crown Grant.  A burial place for the early settlers of Aldershot, it is adjacent to St. Matthew on-the-Plains Anglican Church and the Art & Verna Plant Quiet Garden.

Originally there was to be no cemetery attached to St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, according to the wishes of Mrs. Wyatt, an early settler who led the move to collect funds to build the church. As the story goes, the cemetery came into being as the result of some citizens in the area not wanting St. Matthew’s Avenue to extend across Plains Road and down through the fertile farmlands to Burlington Bay.  At that time, an unemployed labourer died.  He was buried beside the Church. His place was marked with a gravestone, although his name was not engraved on the stone, which is still in the north-east corner of the cemetery.  With this burial, the road construction was prevented, and St. Matthew’s cemetery was created. Mrs. Wyatt was buried in the cemetery in 1871.